Welcome to the dealer

We believe in the power of cooperation. We are looking for new resellers for our growing and ever evolving range. Our products are currently sold in Finnish and foreign stone foot shops and online stores.

We are constantly developing our operations and listening to our customers, so you can be sure that you will be able to influence the development of a strong domestic brand. You will be supported by a multi-professional team with many years of experience and strong professional skills in the fields of safety, beauty care, sales and marketing, among others.

Our products are competitive and retail prices are moderate. We strive to support our resellers so that the margins on their products are fair. In addition to high-quality, ecological and safe products, we offer continuous sales support. You will have access to a wide range of different marketing materials, and if something you want is not directly available, we will make every effort to implement it. We do not require commitments or minimum order quantities from our resellers because we want to support small businesses to recover from the challenges of challenging years.
Our resellers are an integral part of our company strategy, where our intention is, above all, to follow a common path through fair and honest trading without being in front of or behind anyone.
Merely professionalism and interest in products and the industry are not enough, but above all we want to build long-term partnerships with a big heart.
Ask more about reselling at info@4beautyfinland.fi
We would also like you to tell us briefly about your company's operations.